The Pool Slide

    Wednesday 20th Dec 2017

    Are you familiar with the pool slide?

    Our sportier-pals (think: Nike, Puma, Adidas…) are longtime advocates of this easy summer style.

    But recently, more fashionable circles have also started to take note – so much so that these humble, injection moulded rubber numbers have hit the big time.

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    Suns Up!

    Tuesday 19th Dec 2017

    I’m firmly of the belief that ‘Stylish Sun Protection’ needn’t be an amusing oxymoron.

    Indeed, every summer wardrobe needs at least one good-looking, fluffy-hair-hiding, beach holiday inspired sun hat.


    Follow the link below for my edit of the best sun hats that you can buy online now…

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    Socks With Sandals

    Thursday 14th Dec 2017

    As a stylist, I’ve leant that there are no hard and fast fashion rules – pretty much anything is possible with a little careful consideration from talented, creative sorts.

    Case in point: Socks with Sandals.

    A crazy (read: understandably much scorned) idea in theory BUT the Happy Sock HYSTERIA collection is looking so very right this season…

    Reckon maybe you have some room for more ‘fashion socks’ in your life too?

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    The Twilly by Hermès

    Wednesday 13th Dec 2017

    Practical + cheerful aren’t an oft-seen fashion coupling.

    But these delightfully printed, silk ‘Twilly’ scarves from Hermès are one of those handy little numbers that you’ll wear endlessly, be it knotted handsomely around your neck, head, wrist or top-bun, layered under the lapel of your jacket or even tied to the handle of your favourite tote.

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