• The current ‘Chunky Sneaker‘ (a.k.a. ‘Dad Sneaker‘ a.k.a ‘Ugly Sneaker‘) movement has me a little conflicted.

    The words chunky + fashion have never made for happy bedfellows, making this trend feel so nonsensically pervasive…

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  • Sure, it’s cold and wet but if I can make a case for rope sandals in winter, the same can certainly be said for this woven straw tote… yes?

    Handcrafted by artisans and reinforced with smooth leather top handles, it also comes with a nifty zipped canvas pouch inside for all your life essentials.

    Say no more?

    Follow the the link for all the details…

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    Boxy Tailoring

    Wednesday 13th Jun 2018

    Today, a little delicious, generously-proportioned, boxy-tailored perfection to inspire you through these chillier months…

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    Stringing You Along

    Tuesday 12th Jun 2018

    The people have spoken. Henceforth, single-use plastic bags will no longer be available at your local supermarket chain.

    But what now?

    I can happily report the string bag, that timeless, unassuming classic has indeed been making a quiet (albeit ever-stylish) comeback.


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