The Flatform

Monday 16th Sep 2013

Yasmin Sewell’s style is faultless – so much so that she’s made me look twice at the flatform (read: flat platform sandal).

While my love has waned for platform heels, the flatform sandal now has renewed appeal.

WEAR IT with a bold prints or block colours

STYLE IT WITH simple, graphic jewellery

DO play with proportions – balance out the the solid silhouette of a flatform with a soft, flowing skirt or pant.

DON’T forget your pedicure

1. Asos ‘Jump’ leather platform sandal, $63.42
2. Christian Louboutin ‘Cataclou’ platform sandal, US$695
3. Robert Clergerie ‘Ekora’ platform sandal, $599.10
4. Topshop leather platform sandal, £55


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