Agate Necklaces

Monday 27th Jan 2014

Some swear by the power of crystals – their ‘vibrations’ bestowing everything from energy to enlightenment.

Agate is believed to be the stone of strength and in ancient times was reputedly worn on the breastplates of warriors to ensure victory in battle.

All that aside, I just think these necklaces are really pretty!

Keen to see more?

Follow the link below for my edit of the best agate necklaces that you can buy online…

1. Petite Grand ‘Five Charm’ drop necklace, $139
2. Dara Ettinger agate ‘Chloe’ necklace, $203
3. Dara Ettinger agate ’Eva’ necklace, $120
4. Panacea agate necklace, $57.96



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