The Jumpsuit

Wednesday 22nd Jan 2014

Over here at INEZ Daily, I’m all about finding (terribly stylish) shortcuts.

Whilst I like to give the impression that I’ve calmly considered my outfit, the reality is very different. As the mother to two very busy little boys, I’m generally afforded approximately 3.5 minutes to get dressed for work… on a good day.

So today is all about The Jumpsuit (not to be confused with its more casual cousin, The Overall, or its sweet little sister, The Romper).

The Jumpsuit is sophisticated, tailored and super flattering . And easy. Did I mention easy? No deliberations here. One zip and your ready to go (…and convince your toddler to put his shoes on… and finish his breakfast… and come out from under the sofa… Oh my god, is that the time!?!?)

Pictured: Cue wide-leg jumpsuit For stockists: ph 1800 06 07 06

Want to see some more options you can buy online?

Follow the ‘see more’ link below for my round-up of the best…

Styling: Inez Garcia
Photography: Zachary Handley
Hair and Makeup: Kimberley Forbes
Model: Caroline at IMG

1. Sea leopard jumpsuit, $320
2. Ganni jumpsuit, $174.20
3. Alexander Wang halter neck jumpsuit, $1548.52
4. Topshop lace back jumpsuit, £60
5. AQ/AQ bandeau 7/8 tailored jumpsuit, $296.94
6. Isabel Marant jumpsuit, $1350

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