Designer Brooches

Monday 24th Feb 2014

The designer brooch is like the Hollywood starlet of your wardrobe – they’re small, terribly pretty and very influential – everything feels just that little bit more special when they’re around.

Add a Chanel pin to a silk blouse or a Saint Laurent heart to your jackets lapel and it immediately makes the rest of your outfit look more ‘important’.

Case in point – the dress in todays pic is in fact from J.Crew… but I bet you thought it was Chanel…

Want to see more?

Follow the link below for my edit of the best designer brooches that you can buy online…

1. Givenchy vintage key brooch, $175
2. Chanel pearl and gold plated brooch, $100
3. Chanel vintage bow tie brooch, $411.76
4. Chanel vintage pearl brooch, $564.74
5. Yves Saint Laurent vintage ebony heart brooch, $310
6. Karl Lagerfeld vintage logo brooch, $256.45



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