Megan Morton

Thursday 13th Feb 2014

Megan Morton makes people happy – anyone that has met her or seen her charming, engaging and instantly recognisable work will agree.

When asked to describe what it is that she does, Megan explains “I work in interiors and atmosphere and try to make everything beautiful”.

And she really does mean ‘everything’.

Styling advertisements as well as residential and commercial spaces, her work can also be found in magazines like Elle Decoration UK, Vanity Fair and Vogue Living.

But it doesn’t end there. She also heads up ‘The School’ – an amazing institution of clever, creative artisans that share their talents through a series of seminars focused on all things craft, making and style.

And if that wasn’t enough, she’s also published 3 much loved books.

So with a flourish of colour, an assortment of found objects and maybe a pineapple or two, I bring you the wonderful Megan Morton…


I am a… stylist first and foremost before anything else. It informs everything we do outside of this realm as well.
I always wanted to be… a Mum. I would have had ten more children if I were able!
5 words to describe my style are… Fast, furious, colour with a little structure.
When getting dressed, my first priority is always… bangles. Every outfit for me starts with me having a fuss around in the bangle bins. From here I pick some favourites and build an arms worth around it. Then the dressing is easy and usually very simple.
My go-to outfit is… always starts with a maxi skirt and some Hall and Oates ‘getting ready’ music.
I really like wearing… vintage French smocks. I buy them and have them dyed to more ‘me’ colours. I wear them with tights and boots and love the comfort factor combined with the incredible old linen and craftsmanship.
On the top of my wish list is… silk scarves with hand rolled edges and a French pedigree.
The best (fashion) lesson I’ve learnt is… if you don’t care about what’s in fashion you have a chance at the holy grail, personal style.
My most recent fashion purchase is… a vintage Ferragamo scarf to be worn as a top under a YSL Le Smoking jacket.
I keep buying more…. sarongs so beautiful that they can double as lounge throws.
I need more… shoes in size 41.
I wish I’d never bought… a McQueen white cape
If I could only keep 3 things in my wardrobe, they would be… Ralph Lauren, circa 1980 double-denim during his Navaho stage.
My favourite labels are… Lanvin, Saint Laurent, Ellery Banjo and Matilda, Dries van Noten, Hermès and Splendid.
I always feel happy when I wear…indigo blue
Any outfit looks better with… lip gloss – a hint that you have a slight ‘care factor’.
I started my career as… the editorial coordinator at Dolly magazine and President of the Dolly Club.
My career highlight is… yet to come. Always future focus. Always.


Shopping credits:
1. Celine sunglasses, $278
2. Band of Outsiders ’Bib Shirt’, $338.66
3. Kenneth Jay Lane ‘Latifa’ coral necklace €195.12
4. Hermès ‘Clic Clac a Pois’ printed enamel bracelet, $760
5. Kate Spade New York ‘Sailor Knot’ bracelet, $92.50
6. Kate Spade New York ’On The Dot’ bangle, $92.50
7. Tory Burch ’Lock-Closure’ leather bracelet, 148.30
8. Hermès ‘Les Baigneuses’ printed silk twilly, $235
9. A-esque leather wallet, $300


Styling: Inez Garcia
Photography: Rachel Kara
Hair and Makeup: Kimberley Forbes


Comments (5)

  1. Kylie Hill says:

    complete and utter perfection x

  2. JB says:

    I want more! xx

  3. Clare Press says:

    Dear Megan
    If you don’t want that McQueen white cape, you know it wants to come and live with me!! Beautiful, inspirational, what a wonderful post! And I love stripes and red lips and that you framed a child’s vintage swimsuit. xxx Mrs Press

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