Downpours and non-compliant children…

Tuesday 11th Mar 2014

The recent, freakish downpour in Sydney made me arrive at an important decision…

I am now officially old enough (and hence semi-responsible enough) to invest in a proper umbrella that will in fact keep me (and my wriggly, non-compliant children) dry in the occurrence of afore mentioned storms*

And I will also be able to poke afore mentioned, non-compliant children in the bottom with the point of my new umbrella as an added bonus.

*Sadly my faith in the old $5 collapsible umbrella was misplaced.

Follow the link below for my edit of the best umbrellas you can buy online and all shopping details…

1. Hunter umbrella, £22.50
2. Paul Smith umbrella, £100
3. London Undercover umbrella, $259
4. London Undercover umbrella, €199
5. London Undercover umbraella, £150
6. Barneys New York umbrella, $65


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