The Clip On…

Monday 24th Mar 2014

Recently I did an interview with the the wonderful, charming and terribly stylish Ken Downing: Senior Vice-President and Fashion Director for luxury retailer, Neiman Marcus.

It was during this interview that I asked Ken to list what he feels we all need in our wardrobes this season.

In addition to mid-heel shoes, cropped pants and backpacks, he stressed the importance of big earrings:

“They take ten years off of you. I learnt that from my mother. She is 75. (oops, sorry mom!). She still wears enormous earrings everyday of her life and she does it with great, great style”

I’m with Mrs Downing. I think we could all do with some big (age shaving) earrings in our life and so I’m ready to re-embrace the clip-on…


Herve Van Der Straeten hammered gold petal clip earrings, $251.80



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