Friday 18th Apr 2014

In some circles, pearls have never gone away.

But that’s not my circle. And it’s probably not yours either.

So it’s with some novelty that I announce that they’re back… well, kind of.

Not all pearls have been granted admittance – just those of the fantastically-not-sensible, gum ball sized variety (teeny-tiny seed pearls need not apply).

They’ve teamed up with The Choker crew and are looking especially cute in a ‘classic-with-irony’ kind of way, worn with white collared blouses, simple silk tees or black waistcoats (but more on that one soon).

Want to see more?

Follow the link below for my edit of the best pearl chokers…

1. Givenchy pearl necklace, $100.86
2. ASOS ‘Love Rocks’ mega pearl chocker, $48.62
3. New Look triple pearl necklace, £5.99
4. Anthropologie ‘Double Pearl’ necklace, $48



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