Oversized Round Frames

Monday 14th Apr 2014

Iris Apfel makes me happy.

For the uninitiated, she’s the New York based, former textile designer whose wonderfully eclectic, ‘more is more’ style has inspired books, jewellery collections, museum exhibitions (and many a stylist).

Oh, and she’s 92 years old.

Iris is best known for the way she deftly combines an armful of bangles, loads of beads, many a bauble, a flourish of prints and lots and lots of colour. All of this she will then top off with her signature oversized round frames:

“One day in the flea market, I found these large rims and I thought, God, they’re chic, and so I bought them. And I used to wear them without any lenses, just for the heck of it, because I thought they were such fun. Everybody admired them, so when the time came that I needed glasses, I put lenses in them. People would ask why they were so large, and I would reply, ‘The bigger to see you with.’ And that was that.”

With fashion’s current love of oversized round-frames, I’d like to think that maybe we’re all channelling a little Iris.

Want to see more?

Follow the link below for my edit of the best…

1. The Row by Linda Farrow sunglasses, $457.71
2. ASOS sunglasses, $68.06
3. Cutler & Gross ‘Crystalline’ sunglasses, $460.35
4. Illesteva ‘Leonard II’ sunglasses, $317.15
5. Lunettes Kollektion “La Passante’ sunglasses, $365.77

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