The Elastic Waisted Midi Skirt

Tuesday 29th Apr 2014

Iā€™ve already put in a strong argument for the midi-skirt this season (here,Ā hereĀ and here). Iā€™m of the opinion that everyone should have at least one.

Iā€™m going to take it one step further now by asking you to consider anĀ elasticised waistband on your midi skirt.

Are you still with me??

I know what youā€™re thinking and I totally understand – up until now, elastic waistbands have not been keeping good company.

But then those clever fashion designers came up with the concept of ā€˜sports-luxeā€™, with their collections featuring elementsĀ that wereĀ previouslyĀ only ever seen on sports clothingĀ – thinkĀ neoprene, exposed zips, mesh and, yesā€¦ those terribly comfy elastic waistbands.

AndĀ just like that, the elastic waistband can nowĀ come out of hiding!

Want to see more?

Follow the link below for my edit of the best elastic waisted midi-skirts…

1. La GarƧonne Moderne elastic waisted midi skirt, $208
2. Comme des Garcons elastic waisted midi skirt, $542.13
3. Topshop elastic waisted midi skirt, Ā£38
4. River Island elastic waisted midi skirt, Ā£35
5. ASOS elastic waisted midi skirt, $68.06
6. Bottega Veneta elastic waisted midi skirt, $370.67

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