Faux Fur

Thursday 1st May 2014

The idea of using real fur is always a hot topic. It transcends fashion. People that would otherwise have no opinion on fashion are quick to share their thoughts when it comes to the use of fur.

So it’s with much joy that I bring you the news that faux fur is now cool.

I’ve never really considered faux fur before – it always felt and looked so, well… plastic.

But all that has changed. Advances in textile technologies has seen vast improvements in both the quality and options now available in faux furs.

Want to see what I’m talking about?

Follow the link below for all my favourite faux fur styles…

1. Dorothy Perkins faux fur jacket, £40
2. Bsable ‘Olivia’ faux fur jacket, $285.83
3. Blue Vanilla faux fur jacket, $112.79
4. Chicnova faux fur jacket, $78.15
5. Ainea ‘Albina’ faux fur jacket, $535
6. Bsable ‘Riri’ faux fur jacket, $386.15

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