Stripes on Stripes

Tuesday 20th May 2014

Stripes have been busy. Very busy. So much so that their relationship status changed a little while back from ‘classic’ to ‘ubiquitous’.

And then a funny thing happened – so widespread was their adoption that they’ve now become ironic – perfect timing for those normcore devotees!

Now, I firmly believe that fashion should be fun and typically include a dash of irony with whatever I wear, so this whole ‘ironic stripe’ moment is perfect for me.

Are you keen on a spot of ironic-striping too?

Follow the link below for my edit of the best…

1. J.Crew silk top, £130
2. Each X Other wool blazer, £570
3. Saint Laurent pumps, $812.61
4. Marc by Marc Jacobs ‘Charmed’ earrings, $54.37
5. Kenzo cotton twill top, $543
6. Harvey Faircloth striped mini wrap skirt, $375
7. Jean Louis scherrer vintage bangle, $336.09
8. Acne Studios ‘Aida’ flats, $564

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