Date Night

Wednesday 4th Jun 2014

‘Date Night’ isn’t what it used to be.

Once the kidlets arrive on the scene, no longer can you leisurely contemplate your wardrobe over a glass of wine whilst waiting for my nails to dry.

Preparing for ‘date night’ amidst the general mayhem that befalls our house every night is more like an episode of ‘Amazing Race’ (only with maybe a little bit more yelling…)

But it’s all worth it for those wonderful couple of hours off, where you get to dress-up and play at being a carefree adult.

So a ‘date night’ wardrobe needs to be fun, but quick – an easy, guaranteed-to-look-good combo that will make you look like you’ve spent waaayy more time getting ready than you really have…

See something that you like?

Follow the link below for all the shopping info…

1. J.Crew ‘Crystal Mobile’ necklace, $206.50
2. Leah Lerner leather tote, $110
3. Chloé classic tank, $287.96
4. Sass & Bide ‘Scene by Scene’ crop pants, $301.62
5. Alexander Wang mules, ÂŁ485

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