The Charm Bracelet

Monday 9th Jun 2014

The Charm bracelet has undergone a bit of a transformation – what used to be an eclectic collection of sentimental curios all shuffling for position has now shifted to something a little less chaotic… the single charm bracelet.

Want to see more?

Follow the link below for my round-up of the best single charm bracelets.

1. Lulu Frost ‘Panoptes’ bracelet, $150
2. Lulu Frost ‘Le Baiser’ bracelet, $159.87
3. Jennifer Meyer ‘I Heart LA’ bracelet, $650
4. Marc by Marc Jacobs ‘Rue Tiny’ bracelet, $93.60
5. Les Nereides ‘Bijoux Miniatures Fly’ bracelet, $64.80
6. Michael Kors ‘Heart Chain’ bracelet, $79.97

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