The Oversized Scarf

Thursday 26th Jun 2014

Every girl needs a few light-weight, super oversized scarves in her wardrobe.

Sure, they look great…¬†but they can also¬†double as a wrap, beach cover-up,¬†blanket or¬†even¬†impromptu-cushion when the need arises.

And I just so happen to have found a few especially pretty ones.

Follow the link below for all the details…

1. Valentino foulard, $345
2. Massimo Dutti print foulard with tassels, $45.90
3. Massimo Dutti embroidered ‚ÄėSafari‚Äô foulard, $45.90


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  1. Totally agree an oversized scarf is a must have. These gorgeous ones are well spotted. Love that you find all the gorgeous things.

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