The Top Handle Tote

Wednesday 25th Jun 2014

The ‘top-handle tote’ is a classic – one of those no-brainer investment pieces that we purchase, safe in the knowledge that we’ll be using it lovingly for many years to come.

But maybe you haven’t found the right one yet
 maybe you’re in need of a little inspiration

Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Follow the link below for my edit of the best top-handle totes in all the prettiest colours

1. Michael Kors ‘Selma’ handbag, $504.00
2. Givenchy ‘Antigona’ handbag, €1302
3. Victoria Beckham ‘Quincy’ handbag, $1575
4. Saint Laurnet ‘Sac De Jour’ handbag, $3903
5. Balenciaga ‘All Afternoon’ handbag, $1465
6. Nina Ricci handbag $2,046.51

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