Top 10 Most Stylish Gumboots

Thursday 12th Jun 2014

It’s been a wee-bit rainy of late where I live, which has prompted the question “What does one wear on their feet in a downpour?”

Now, I think brightly coloured gumboots look super-cute on kids, but I personally like my wet weather shoes to be decidedly less cutesy.

So it’s with this in mind that I’ve created my list of  ‘Top 10 Most Stylish Gumboots’ (and no, this is not an oxymoron.)

See something you like?

Follow the link below for all the shopping details…

1. Aigle ‘Miss Juliette’ gumboots, $231.56
2. Givenchy ‘Chain-Strap’ gumboots, $509.50
3. Burberry London ‘Belted Equestrian’ gumboots, £215
4. Le Chameau ‘Paris’ gumboots, £115
5. Salvatore Ferragamo ‘Niper Bow’ gumboots, $447.21
6. JuJu Footwear ‘Chelsea’ gumboots, $29.99
7. Mollini ‘Galoshes’ gumboots, $59.95
8. Chooka ‘Full Gore’ gumboots, $69.95
9. Mulberry ‘Biker’ gumboots, $330
10. Sloosh Italy Original gumboots, $243.75

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