Adidas Stan Smith

Friday 25th Jul 2014

Phoebe Philo’s name comes up quite a bit at INEZ Daily – mainly because she has this incredible talent for making us take a new look at those things that’ve been right in front of us all along, in an…

“Of course! How did I not see that?”

…kind of way.

Case in point – Adidas Stan Smith sneakers.

Who is Stan Smith? He’s a former world No.1 American tennis player and two-time Grand Slam singles champion… but that’s not really the point right now.

The point is that Phoebe wore them (when she came out from backstage at the end of her show for Céline Spring 2011) and now we all want them.


Because they go with everything. Really. Try it. They make everything look sooo much cooler in a nostalgic, sporty, tomboy-ish kind of way.

Oh, and they’re pretty cheap too, which in fashion speak translates to ‘practically free’.

Feel like you need a pair of these in your life too ?

Follow the link below for all the shopping details…

Adidas Stan Smith ‘EF’ in white with green snakeskin trim, €95
or you could opt for the original
Adidas Stan Smith ‘Neo White Fairway’ in white with green trim, £66.99

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  1. Love these snippets that you share. Logging on to investigate the Stan Smith for adidas sneaker right now…

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