The Black Patent Slide

Tuesday 22nd Jul 2014

We were chatting recently about the pool slide.

I can understand that some of you may still be a little hesitant though… not sure if this one’s for you.

So I thought maybe I could soften you to the ‘Slide Side’ with these pretty two-strap ones in black patent…

Starting to warm to the idea, maybe?

Follow the link below for all the shopping details…

Witchery ’Shadiya’ slide, $99.95

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  1. Missy says:

    My take on the slide, is like the Birkenstock, it’s great on my friend Kylie, but not me. Why? She has beautiful toes, beautiful skin… her toes deserve to be shown off! But my toes, my white, pale, short toes, well, let’s just say they prefer a more delicate and conservative sandal, one that matches their shy nature.

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