The Black Suede Pump

Tuesday 15th Jul 2014

And whilst we’re on the topic of pumps, let’s talk black suede pumps.

This sexy,¬†classic¬†little number may look pretty, but they’re also pretty handy to have around. I’m guessing they¬†probably¬†have some of the best fashion math¬†stats in your wardrobe.

But maybe you don’t have a pair of these in your wardrobe…

The thing is, finding them can be a tad trickier than you’d imagine Рread: no prints, no ankle straps, no embellished heels or peeping toes.

If you’re still¬†looking for that perfect ‚Äėone‚Äô, then you‚Äôve come to the right place.

Follow the link below for my round-up of the best…

1. Jean-Michel Cazabat D’Orsay suede pump, $404.76
2. Gucci suede pumps, $698
3. Salvatore Ferragamo pointed toe pumps, $491.98
4.¬†ASOS ‚ÄėPotential‚Äô suede pumps, $88.24
5.¬†Jean-Michel Cazabat ‘Ebba’ D’Orsay suede pumps, $493.51
6.¬†Aldo ‘Vitrano’ suede pumps, $94.12


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