The Garden Wedding

Wednesday 23rd Jul 2014

I’m really quite fond of a botanical print.

Which just so happens to segue nicely into todays Dress Code…

Garden weddings can be befuddling – by their nature they’re less formal, but it’s still a wedding, (read: don’t get too comfy folks).

Black never seems quite right and we’ve all learnt the hard way that stiletto heels weren’t made for lawns.

Which brings me back to botanical prints. They just seem purpose built for a garden wedding, with all their abundant, flowering loveliness.

And this yellow rose print trench is an especially pretty one.

Do you have just the Garden Wedding in mind for this little number?

Knew it!

Follow the link below for all the shopping details…

1. Asos Salon Botanical Print soft trench, $196.08
2. Cult Gaia ‘Vida’ flower crown, $75
3. ModCloth ‘Sorbet Seeker’ sunglasses, $14.99
4. Stella McCartney ‘Beckett’ clutch, $693.42
5. J.Crew Collection ‘Etta’ glitter-embellished satin pumps, $98.48

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