The Lunch Bag Clutch

Monday 28th Jul 2014

Fashion and food are tight. Real tight. They have many, many (many) selfies together that testify to this.

So it would seem logical that fashion folk are now drawing inspiration for their designs from their food.

Enter The Lunch Bag Clutch – it looks a lot like that ubiquitous brown paper bag of lunchtimes-past with its rectangular base and simple rolled top closure, but now it comes in the prettiest palette of soft leathers for your accessorising pleasure… which you can of course, still carry your lunch in.

Want to see some more styles?

Follow the link below for some of my favourites…


1. Hello Parry ‘Ellie’ roll-up lunch bag, $55
2. Marie Turnor ‘The Stud Lunch Clutch’, $300
3. Marie Turnor ‘The Lunch Clutch’, $250.00
4. Knifepoint ‘Lunch Bag’ clutch, $32

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