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Monday 18th Aug 2014

Are you crafty?


Me neither.

As the mother to 2 little boys, I say that my craft-less-ness is because all my free time is spent constructing rail networks, rebuilding partially demolished Lego fire stations and trying to work out how to affix that Hot Wheels ramp to the bedroom wall, thus hampering my attempts to fully explore the finer arts of ‘handicrafts’.

But truth be told, I’m just not very good at it.

Never have been.

Regardless of my endeavours I always end up bemused and confused, wondering what I’m going to do with that final, ill-formed product.

But I love the the sweet, retro, quaint-meets-cool (think: Penny-Lane in ‘Almost Famous’), folkiness of craft (when it’s done properly by someone else)… which is why the current trend for fun, colourful crochet in fashion has piqued my interest.

Want to see what I mean?

Follow the link below for some of my favourite pieces…

1. Topshop crochet patch dress, ÂŁ60
2. YMC crochet knit top, $130.46
3. ASOS Premium patchwork crochet skirt, $79.06
4. Anthropologie crochet midi tank, $29.95
5. ASOS Premium patchwork crochet cardigan, $108.71
6. ASOS patchwork crochet dress, $63.25

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