Reversible Jackets

Monday 4th Aug 2014

What ever happened to reversible jackets?

When I was little, reversible jackets were big (in popularity, not sizeā€¦ obviously).

Maybe it was just a way of maximising cost-per-wear for the fast-growing junior set, but I haven’tĀ really seen them since.

And then I found this cheerfully bright, reversible quilted jacket at Gorman.

Reminiscent of a kimono jacket with its boxy silhouette and 3/4 sleeves, itĀ also has a more sensible navy blue with denim trim inside/outside to it.

Feel likeĀ reconnecting with your reversible past too?

Follow the link below for all the shopping detailsā€¦

Gorman ‘Crimson & Clover’ quilted reversible jacket, $289.00

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