The Sequin Blazer

Monday 25th Aug 2014

Does the idea of a sequin jacket make you nervous?

I can understand that. In the wrong hands it can too easily become a little well, um… dated.

It’s times like this that I like to think, “What would Cate* do?”.

Cate would definitely wear a sequin jacket, but it would never, ever look frumpy.

The real trick is to find one in a more muted tone, that’s cut slim like a blazer.

Once found, you will then have that ‘compellingly-stylish-without-even-trying’ vibe that works for both dressing up with a tailored pant and a heel, or (my personal favourite), dressing it down with a white tee and your favourite jeans.

But where does one find such a blazer??

I’m one step ahead of you. Follow the link below for all my favourite styles…

*Blanchett, naturally.

1. Faith Connexion sequin blazer, £257.25
2. Marco Bologna sequin blazer, $266
3. Mango sequin blazer, $59.99
4. Saint Laurent sequin blazer, £2,830
5. By Malene Birger ’Devaki’ sequin blazer, £106

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