Nike Pegasus

Tuesday 16th Sep 2014

Fashion sneakers: a whole new (deliciously comfortable) sub category that’s emerged fromĀ the ‘Sports Luxe’ movement that’s seen frantic, cult followings forĀ the Celine slip-ons, Adidasā€™ Stan Smiths and New Balanceā€™s 574.

The problem is that they’re sooo popular that they’re near-on impossible to find.

ButĀ then there’s that part of me that wants to wearĀ something else anyway… something equally as stylish that doesnā€™t feel, well… slavish (that ever so delicate balance, yes?).

And then I found these Nike ā€˜Pegasusā€™ sneakers that I reckon are kind of perfect in a nostalgic/minimal/works-with-everything kind of way.

And the best bit?

Thereā€™s still a full size range available! (as opposed to pretty much every other fashion sneaker worth owning).


Nike Pegasus sneakers, $141

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