The Chandelier Earring

Tuesday 30th Sep 2014

So, my latest cause is the Statement Earring. For too long they’ve gone unloved. I feel we should all be wearing more of these charming, ageless, one-size-fits-all wonders.

And this season it’s a case of ‘the bigger the better’. Striking, oversized, single earrings were spotted on the runway for Celine, Isabel Marant and Louis Vuitton (pictured) and popularity for the appropriately named ‘Chandelier Earring’ has been picking up ever since.

Want to see more?

Follow the link below for all my favourite styles…

1. J.Crew mixed resin chandelier earrings, $90.60
2. Louis Vuitton ‘Essential V’ chandelier earrings, $1040
3. J.Crew ‘Crystal Ray’ chandelier earrings, $37.70
4. Forever 21 ‘Crescent’ chandelier earrings, $4.80
5. Love Rocks ‘Link & Chain’ chandelier earrings, $24.72
6. SW ‘Tassle’ chandelier earrings, $98

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