The Embroidered Cotton Shirt

Monday 15th Sep 2014

The cotton shirt is mighty handy – it’s utilitarian dressing at its finest.

But herein lies the problem… due to (or because of) its terribly functional nature, it’s so often void of any personality.

This is where cleverly placed accessories can step-up, saving you from a life of being mistaken for a waitress… or a bank teller… or just someone a little on the boring side.

But something else I’ve been noticing on cotton shirts lately that I’m really quite fond of are whimsical little embroidered trims – be it a heart, a monogram or a teeny-tiny Statue of Liberty.

Want to see more?

Follow the link below for my edit of the best…

1. 6397 ‘Statue Of Liberty’ embroidered cotton shirt, $295
2. Red Valentino embroidered cotton shirt, $435
3. Charlotte Gainsbourg x Current/Elliott embroidered cotton shirt, $313.92
4. Kenzo embroidered cotton shirt, £235
5. Comme des Garcon PLAY embroidered cotton shirt, $277.17
6. Each x Other embroidered cotton shirt, £96




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