The Fake Holiday

Monday 22nd Sep 2014

The weather is starting to feel a whole lot more ‘summery’, but as I don’t have holidays scheduled in anytime soon, I’ve decided that the only thing for it is to fake it.

Cue: The Holiday Pant – fun, bright, colourful and guaranteed to make you feel decidedly more ‘tropical’

Are you up for a fake holiday too?

Follow the link below for all the shopping details…

1.   Helen Kaminski ‘Mai’ raffia visor, $169
2.   Nasty Gal ‘Grin and Bear It’ straw bowler hat, $9
3.   Samuji ‘Ocra’ straw safa cap, $230
4.   Wood Wood ‘Maya’ sweatshirt, €129
5.   Chic Wish embellished top, $42.53
6.   JVL knit top, $40.90
7.   New Look ‘Innocence’ tropical print pant, £19.99
8.   Blumarine butterfly print pant, $698.26
9.   Easton Pearson palm print pant, $209
10. Aldo ‘Gwiwen’ slide, $35
11. Country Road ‘Morgan’ platform sandal, $179
12. 3.1 Phillip Lim ‘Juno’ leather sandals, £425

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