INEZ Daily + Veronika Maine Part 2

Thursday 30th Oct 2014

The right print can be a game-changer, possessing magical mood-altering qualities that will brighten your (and everyone around you’s) day.

It was indeed this great makes-you-want-to-dance brushstroke print top that inspired the colour and movement of this shoot – part of my INEZ Daily x Veronika Maine takeover that I’ve been working on over the past few weeks.

Want to see more?

Follow the link below for the rest of the pics from this shoot as well as all the details…

1. Veronika Maine ‘Painted Curves’ top, $239 and ’Scuba Sheen’ pencil skirt, $149

2. Veronika Maine double layer top, $139 and ‘Scuba Sheen’ short, $159

3. Veronika Maine ‘Painted Curves’ tank, $179

4. Veronika Maine double layer dress, $189

5. Veronika Maine tank top, $119 and skirt, $84.50

6. Veronika Maine ‘Trapeze’ dress, $229

Photographed by: Justin Ridler
Styled by: Inez Garcia
Hair & Makeup: Jasmin Lo
Model: Zoe Cross


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