Chloé ‘Drew’ Shoulder Bag

Thursday 13th Nov 2014

I was having a chat with some of my fashion peeps recently about how we buy clothes – the reality is that very few of us actually wear top-to-toe designer labels. It’s the (ever-so-stylish) balance between the aspirational and achievable that we strive for.

That being said, if we are going to splash out it will be on either a handbag or shoes (whilst bandying around the term ‘investment’ to ease our conscience).

So I feel it’s only fair to bring you up to speed on what bag all the fashion girls have been splashing out on lately – her name is ‘Drew’ and she comes in loads of lovely colours.

Want to get a little better acquainted?

Follow the link below for all the details…

1. Chloé ‘Drew’ chain strap leather and suede shoulder bag in Merino Blue, $1645
2. Chloé ‘Drew’chain strap leather shoulder bag in Savannah Brown, £1100
3. Chloé ‘Drew’chain strap leather shoulder bag in Black, $1,560
4. Chloé ‘Drew’chain strap leather shoulder bag, $1,586

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