Jamie Blakey

Thursday 6th Nov 2014

Jamie Blakey is the full, inspirational package Рfounder of cult fashion label oneteaspoon, creative force behind fab website Lveland, wife and mother to 3 (ridiculously good looking) children.

Spending a morning with Jamie, the reasons behind her success become evident Рaside from generally being just heaps of fun to hang out with, she manages to strike that perfect balance between sexy/cool, laid-back, old-school and rock.

Want to take a little peek inside Jamie’s wardrobe too?

Follow the link below for all the pics from our shoot as well as¬†her musings on style, happiness and the search for that perfect¬†custom made dog collar…


5 words to describe my style are‚Ķ¬†I have no idea how to describe my style?? It just is what it is‚Ķ It’s always the same look though,¬†it’s just the fit, cuts, proportions and¬†colours that change.

My go-to outfit is… jeans and tees.

On the top of my wish list is‚Ķ The Gloss x Warber Parker 10-01 Aviators in jet silver to be specific‚Ķ.. they’re sold out!

Heels or flats?…¬†heels to look at, flats to wear.

The best (fashion) lesson i’ve learnt is‚Ķ¬†keep it classic, but current.

My most recent fashion purchase is‚Ķ¬†my leather top hat that I bought¬†18 months ago. I¬†have new stuff from work all the time though (which is an upside to having a fashion label!) My most recent addition to the wardrobe is the new ‘King Pins’ (denim…¬†such¬†a surprise!) It’s my new fave cut¬†and I have a¬†different wash for everyday.

I keep buying more… nappies.

I need more… nappies.

I¬†wish I’d never bought‚Ķ¬†I¬†don’t regret anything I’ve ever bought… except maybe once when I¬†was 10. I¬†bought this blue & white gingham 2 piece set¬†–¬†a skirt and matching shirt with ruffles on it. ¬†I spent all my pocket money on it and never wore it. This must have¬†really bugged me because I¬†still remember it.

If I could only keep 3 things in my wardrobe, they would be… jeans, shorts and tees.

My favourite labels are‚Ķ¬†I¬†don’t have favourites. I¬†do my own thing and wear that. Of¬†course,¬†that said‚Ķ. I¬†do love a designer bag. That comes with the territory doesn’t it?? So for me in that department, Balenciaga.

My favourite online shops are… Etsy & Gumtree.

I always feel happy when I wear… my new ankle bracelets!!

I¬†wish I’d never got rid of‚Ķ¬†I¬†don’t regret getting rid of anything. I¬†do a wardrobe clean out every 3-4 months. I love a chuck out!

Any outfit looks better with… ankle bracelets in rose gold or silver… or both together!

Is it better to be overdressed or underdressed? For me, definitely underdressed!!! Without a doubt.

Lipstick or gloss? For everyday… neither. But when making an effort, an awesome matt pop-colour lipstick.

Coffee or tea?¬†Is that a question??!! Coffee fa’ sure!

I¬†could happily live the rest of my life without seeing another‚Ķ¬†set of invisible bra straps. because‚Ķ. they’re not invisible.


1. One Teaspoon ‚ÄėClassic Liberty‚Äô shirt, $149
2. Saint Laurent ankle boots, $815
3. Balenciaga ‚ÄėArena‚Äô Giant 12 City bag, $1,985
4. Givenchy ‚ÄėCone Shark Tooth‚Äô earring, $360
5. One Teaspoon ‚ÄėMustang – Trashed Runaways‚Äô jeans, $140
6. Nike ‚ÄėAir Pegasus 83, ‚ā¨90
7. One Teaspoon ‚ÄėFramed Record Cover Collection‚Äô Paul McCartney, $99
8. One Teaspoon ‚ÄėFramed Record Cover Collection‚Äô Beatles White Album, $250
9. Vintage ‘Linda Ronstadt’ tee, $100
10. One Teaspoon ‚ÄėLover Runaways‚Äô, $70

Photography: Rachel Kara
Styling: Inez Garcia
Hair and Makeup: Kimberley Forbes

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  1. This is rad! Jamie Blakey is one of my biggest inspirations. Love your blog you’re doing an awesome job xx

  2. Bree says:

    Jamie is seriously the RADDEST designer & most inspiring woman. I love how effortlessly cool she is and her attitude towards her style and who she is! She chases every dream and gets shit done and does it all when she wants & how she wants!!! She’s been my number one inspo for years & I just wanted to say thanks for sharing this little bit of insight into her life! Rock n Roll, sexy, cool & laid back, my kinda lady!!!

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