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Friday 14th Nov 2014

It’s no secret that I endorse whimsy. I’m all about fashion that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

But sometimes it’s hard to embrace your inner whimsy when you’re worried about how much it costs – especially if the particular purchase in question has a habit of ‘wandering off’ (as sunglasses are so wont to do).

So this probably sees you steering yourself towards sunglasses of the cheaper, cheerful variety, forgoing a quality lens in the process.

But no longer!! (…she says as she swoops in, wearing a dramatically swishy superhero style cape).

Le Specs current collection not only addresses your whimsical leanings, but also boast good lenses and really great prices.

Ta-Dah! (Yes, I’ve still got my cape on).

See something you like?

Follow the link below for all the details…

1. Le Specs ‘Hatter’ sunglasses, $59.95
2. Le Specs ‘The Villain’ sunglasses, $69.95
3. Le Specs ’Neo Noir’ sunglasses, $59.95
4. Le Specs ‘Runaways Luxe’, $79.95

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