Soludos x Jason Polan Smoking Slippers

Monday 10th Nov 2014

But maybe yellow shoes just aren’t for you.

Maybe you’re more of the canvas-and-rope-soled-classic kinda gal.

If yes, then may I interest you in the latest colab between those fun-loving purveyors of handsome espadrilles, Soludos and popular artist Jason Polan (who amongst many other things was recently spotted on New York Magazine’s ‘100 Reasons to Love New York’ list) that sees his illustrations of burgers, fries, ice cream cones, winking lashes and Toucans adorning the most wonderful collection of ‘smoking slippers’.

Feeling that there’s some room in your life for comfy flats that don’t take themselves too seriously?

Follow the link below for all the details…

Soludos ‘Jason Polan Smoking Slippers’, $65

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