Cocktail Rings

Monday 1st Dec 2014

December has a reputation for being quite festive.

December also has the reputation for being that month when everyone tries to madly finish up everything for the year before the holidays begin and so things can get a little hectic.

This is where the cocktail ring comes in – that perfect festive season style shortcut: In Case Of Party, Just Add Ring.

On the lookout for some shortcuts?

Follow the link below for all the detailsā€¦

1. Kelly Wearstler ā€˜Romare Crystal Loveā€™ ring, $893.55
2. Need Supply ā€˜Double Pearlā€™ ring, $18
3. Hring Eftir Hring ā€˜Pirouette Coalā€™ ring, Ā£32
4. Michael Kors ā€˜Maritime Linkā€™ ring, $105.80
5. Rebecca Minkoff ā€˜Geometricā€™ ring, $84.70
6. Saint Laurent ā€˜Colorblockā€™ ring, $367.30

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