Dara Artisans

Tuesday 23rd Dec 2014

I recently discovered a great website for those that like their accessories a little more on the eclectic side… Dara Artisans.

Intrepid travellers Dan and Dara Brewster have, over the years, connected with a global network of inspiringly talented artisans. The result of this is a website that features unique collections of handmade jewellery, accessories and homewares that are curiously (and appealingly) both primitive and modern in their designs.

Want to see more?

Follow the link below for all my favourite pieces from the site…

1. CATHS ethically sourced water buffalo horn necklace, $225
2. Melissa Joy Manning handmade 14kt recycled gold hoops, $390
3. Raven + Lily ‘Elsabet’ double tube beaded necklace made from recycled silver, copper and brass from melted down bullet casings, $72
4. Peter Hofmeister handmade brass bangle with five silver stitches, $95
5. Crescioni hand-stitched leather ’Circuit’ necklace, $195
6. Peter Hofmeister handmade stack of four brass rings, $85

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