Mustard vs Sunshine

Tuesday 2nd Dec 2014

Mustard is in desperate need of a makeover.

Not the colour – this part is perfect in a subtly cheerful, universally flattering kind of way.

It’s the name that I struggle with (much like its colleague, beige… but we can save that particular crusade for another post).

Sure, ‘mustard’ perfectly describes this colour but it does nothing to relate the sense of delight that it bestows upon its wearer.

I’m campaigning for ‘Warm Gold’ or maybe ‘Tumeric’ or else, ‘Sunshine’ (this one’s my favourite).

Want to join the movement?

You’ll be needing a suitably toned ensemble… and I just so happen to have the perfect edit for you to choose from.

Follow the link below for my edit of the best…

1. ASOS Premium blazer, $106
2. Chloé cashmere-blend tank, £176
3. Chinti and Parker lambswool jumper, $380
4. ASOS Premium bonded peg-pants, $93
5. Carven flared skirt, $660.35
6. Chloé wool crepe jacket, £368

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