The Cult of COS

Friday 19th Dec 2014

It was on a trip to London a number of years ago that I discovered the wonderful world COS.

Unbeknownst to me at the time, I was being drawn into a special world of COS devotees.

There’s a lot of us.

Indeed, it soon became apparent that anyone familiar with COS and its distinctive, considered collections of reinvented classics and iconic seasonal styles reserves a very special place in their heart for this cult Swedish brand.

The reason is simple – COS has managed to strike that seemingly impossible balance of great quality with a high-end aesthetic that’s really (really) affordable (prices start from $22).

But do you want to know the best bit?

They’re now available in Australia!

I recently had the opportunity to meet up with Marie Honda, Managing Director of COS, whilst in Melbourne to launch the opening of their first Australian store.

For the full interview and all the pictures from my fashion shoot with the current Spring Summer 14 collection, follow the link below…


5 MINUTES WITH… MARIE HONDA – Managing Director of COS


For someone that is not familiar with the brand, how would you sum up COS in 3 words?
The philosophy of COS is very much  based around our design aesthetic, quality across all areas – be it the collection, the store environment or even the packaging that a customer leaves the store with and finally, affordability.

Who is the COS woman?
She is very aware… aware of things that are happening. It could be fashion, but also design, furniture, politics, culture… everything that’s happening around her.

What inspires the COS team?
The COS team is very much inspired by the arts and design world – their source of inspiration can be quite broad – anything from an art exhibition that they’ve gone to, music, architecture, lighting or even sounds… they have so many different ways of taking inspiration and then interpreting this into their fabrics, structures and colour palettes.

What was the inspiration behind the current Spring Summer 14 collection?
The sea. Everything about it from its translucent surface to the sci-fi world at its depth.

What are the 3 items that every woman needs in her wardrobe?
Firstly, the shirtdress – you can wear it so many ways. Team it with a pair of sandals to the beach, or else a belt and trench coat to work. It also looks great with that other essential, the summer weight parka. Then all you need is a pair of flat lace up shoes and you’re set!

Is there a colour or shape that you find yourself coming back to season after season?
Definitely white, namely the white shirt. We have so many different variations of this classic piece. Then there’s all the black essentials, be it a little black dress, a black cardigan or a fitted black blazer. And navy – we’ll have this throughout the whole year. With COS it’s all about the fabric. Fabrics tell the story of each garment, whether it be iridescent silk nylons or the perfect papery white poplin. This way, even with the most neutral colours, each season is different.

What could you happily go the rest of your life without ever seeing again?
I don’t think you can ever say that in fashion because it’s changing all the time. You can always make something new and find a reason for having it again. 

With all your years working in the fashion industry, what would you say is the best lesson that you’ve have picked up?
Listening to our consumers! We feel this is so important. They’re very much part of the process when creating a collection and we have contact with them everyday through our stores, social media or else they contact us directly. We also try to share as much information as we can, communicating what’s inspired us through our website.

Finish this sentence: Any outfit looks better with…
your own personal touch.

The Strand
240 Elizabeth Street
03 9639 0981

photography: Tim Ashton
styling: Inez Garcia
hair and makeup: Naomi McFadden
model: Charlotte Coquelin

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