Seriously Cute

Friday 9th Jan 2015

So granted, cocktail dresses have a pretty important job – they’re invited to all the special events and need to remain stylish and composed at all times.

But they do have a tendency to take themselves a liiiittle bit too seriously. It’s time to lighten up little frock.

And I have just the solution…


For this seriously cute plus-one in addition to a whole host of other adorable clutch critters, follow the link below…

1. Karl Lagerfeld ‘Monster Choupette’ clutch, £135
2. Charlotte Olympia ‘Panda Island’ clutch, $599.57
3. Whistles ‘Cat’ clutch, $157.70
4. Yarnz ‘Cheshire Cat’ leather clutch, €129
5. Joanna Pybus ‘Humbug Monster’ clutch, £110
6. Les Petits Joueurs ‘Grace Panda’ lego on perspex clutch, $862

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