The Brown Leather Strap

Thursday 15th Jan 2015

Are you familiar with the term, ‘Arm Party’?


It’s an eclectic gathering of disparate yet complimentary bracelet-and-bangle-friends that come together on your arm and mingle.

Anyhoo, I think it’s time we extended the invitation to watches as well. They’ve had a bit of time on their hands lately (pun intended), what with the proliferation of smart phones and the fact that no one actually needs watches anymore…

Think of it as your good (fashion) deed of the day. And hell, they actually still look great!

Just to get you on your way, I’ve rounded up a few of the most handsome watches with brown leather straps that I just know will hit it off with all your gold ‘Arm Party’ attendees.

Follow the link below for all the details…

1. Givenchy ‘Eleven’ watch, $1169.32
2. Daniel Wellington ‘Classic St Andrews’ watch, $229
3. Atmos & Here watch, $24.95
4. Georg Jensen ‘Delta Classic’ watch, $890
5. Mondaine ‘Helvetica’ watch, £220
6. Marc by Marc Jacobs ‘Baker’ watch, £135

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