The Tartan Shirt

Monday 26th Jan 2015

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of tartan?

School girls? Punks? Kilted musicians? Preppy trenches? The Nirvana-led grunge rebellion of the 90? Or maybe the sporty-meets-country set, with its colourful prints traditionally used to ensure that one didn’t accidentally get shot whilst hunting.

Tartan indeed has many personalities, so it’s no surprise that different interpretations are regularly popping up on the fashion scene.

My favourite flashback of late is the tartan shirt, worn oversized with your destroyed denim jeans and a heel for a little ‘Teen-Spirit-With-Irony’.

Want to see more?

Follow the link below for all my favourite styles that you can buy online…

1. Uniqlo check shirt, $39.90
2. Splendid ‘Hayes’ plaid shirt, £145
3. Nili Lotan plaid shirt, $288
4. Madewell ‘Cozy’ plaid shirt, $69.99
5. CURRENT/ELLIOTT ‘The Slim Boy’ plaid shirt, £210
6. A.P.C ‘Daytine’ shirt, €155

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