The Wrap Blouse

Monday 12th Jan 2015

The Wrap Blouse is one of those great, hardworking classics. Found in the wardrobe of many a stylish woman, it makes you look like you’ve made waaay more effort than you really have.

Cut flatteringly loose in soft, drapey silks, its plunging neckline gives you an air of sexy insouciance, all the while ensuring (with its cleverly considered design) that your modesty (read: less appealing flesh coloured bra) is maintained – the perfect crime.

Feeling the need for more sexy insouciance on your life?

Follow the link below for my round up of all the best wrap-blouses…

1. 3.1 Philip Lim draped wrap blouse, $578.46
2. Mango polka dot wrap blouse, £19.99
3. Country Road wrap bliss, $99.95
4. Seed Heritage wrap blouse, $79.95
5. River Island wrap blouse, £26
6. Lipsy London ‘Vila’ wrap blouse, £25

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