The Suede Loafer

Monday 23rd Feb 2015

We’ve been hanging out together for a while now and so I feel it’s about time I came clean with you…

I love fashion – this bit you already know. But the posts, whilst wonderfully witty and terribly useful (you: nodding in agreement) are often driven by what’s missing from my personal wardrobe.

And my biggest deficit at the moment is shoes.

True, Spring Courts are ridiculously versatile in a classic-meets-cool kind of way. And we’ve recently covered the essential black pump… but a girl needs options… regularly.

So, ever the stylish problem solver, this week I’ve decided will be the unofficial ‘INEZ Daily Week Of The Shoe’

If you like shoes (and let’s be honest, there’s a few of us) then be sure to pop back all week for regular updates as I explore all the best, on trend, handsome footwear options available this season.

Today it’s that great perennial favourite, the suede loafer.

I could give you a whole list of reasons as to why you need a pair of these… but you’re busy, so I’m going to cut to the chase – they are the masters of ‘Preppy With Irony’ – that genre that says stylish and respectful of the classics all whilst not looking like you’ve had to try too hard or take yourself too seriously (and they also happen to look really great with overalls… another must – exhibit A, exhibit B, exhibit C and exhibit D)

Keen to see more?

Follow the link below for my edit of all the best styles that you can buy online…

1. Chloé ‘Dafne’ loafers, $426.68
2. Gucci suede chunky horse bit loafers, £430
3. Nine West ‘Linear’ suede loafers, $107.02
4. Gucci fringed suede horse bit loafers, £370
5. Lauren by Ralph Lauren ‘Caliana’ suede loafers, £110

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