Dior and I

Thursday 26th Mar 2015

Last night I got to attend a special preview screening of the highly anticipated and beautifully crafted fashion documentary ‘Dior and I’, which opens in cinemas today.

Being fond of fashion, you may already be a fan of director Frederic Tcheng’s earlier work – Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel and Valentino: The Last Emperor.

But it is with his latest project that he’s really hit his stride.

With only 8 weeks until Christian Dior’s Fall 2014 Couture Fashion Show, Tcheng follows newly appointed artistic director, Raf Simons as he and his team prepare for his first collection.

More of an ensemble piece than a biopic, ‘Dior and I’ is a colourful homage to the seamstresses who serve Simons (some of which have been there over 40 years!) as much as it is about Simons himself, with Tcheng’s direction so thoughtfully portraying the incredibly inspiring creative process instead of the usual fashion stereotypes of glamour and backstabbing.

I laughed (often). I cried (but let’s just call it ‘welled up’).

I can’t recommend this wonderful documentary enough.

For more info, a trailer and screening times for the film, follow the link below…

Dior and I – The Movie


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