The Bandana Scarf

Friday 13th Mar 2015

In my campaign to start showing the scarf more love, I want to do a special shout-out to the bandana.

These particularity fetching, paisley printed numbers never go out of fashion.

Tie them around your head, neck or wrist, wind them through your belt loops or else simply tuck one under your lapels.

And the best bit?

They’re so cheap that you can buy several without even a glimmer of fashion guilt!

Want to see more?

Follow the link below for my round up of the most handsome bandanas that you can buy online…

p.s Has that earring caught your eye too? Check out my recent posts here and here for more inspiration.

1. Zara bandana scarf, $15.90
2. Urban Outfitters ‘Basic’ bandana scarf, $5
3. Levi’s bandana scarf, $14
4. Kenzo bandana scarf, $135
5. ASOS bandana scarf, $11.54
6. Urban Renewal ‘Recycled Patchwork’ bandana scarf, $39

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