The Great Handbag Roundup

Thursday 12th Mar 2015

I’ve got to be honest with you, I’m quite fond of a designer handbag.

Rumour has it, I’m not alone.

The sad thing is that my finances have a little trouble keeping pace with my fancies.

I hear this condition is also not peculiar to just me.

So today I’ve set out to solve this dilemma, rounding up the most handsome (read: stylish) collection of generously proportioned (read: useful) leather handbags that will also leave you with change from $500.

See something you like?

Need to know more?

Follow the link below for all the details…

1.   Karl Lagerfeld ‘School’ leather tote, $431
2.   Whistles ‘Verity’ leather backpack, £280
3.   Michael Kors ‘Selma’leather tote, $465
4.   Modalu’ North South’ leather tote bag, £169
5.   FINDS + Building Block ‘Disc’ textured-leather bucket bag, £280
6.   London Edit ‘Nude’ leather tote, $449
7.   Rebecca Minkoff ‘Mab’ leather tote, $343.71
8.   Tory Burch ‘York Buckle’ tote, $295
9.   Annabel Ingall ‘Jojo’leather crossbody bag, $415.04
10. Grafea ‘Peaches & Cream’ leather backpack, £180
11. Lacoste ‘Chantaco’ tote, $280
12. Sophie Hulme ‘Milner Nano’ shoulder bag, $295
13. Karl Lagerfeld ‘K/School’ leather tote, $431
14. Kate Spade New York ‘Kacey Lane’ leather bucket bag, $278
15. Iris & Ink ‘Camden’ leather backpack, £225


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