The Lace-Up Sandal

Monday 9th Mar 2015

Whilst on holidays last summer, a MinnetonkaĀ lace-up boot met the cutest little Grecian sandal.

They hit it off instantly and whilst they were from vastly different worlds, they soon became inseparable.

The result?

This season’s most coveted shoe, the lace-up sandalā€¦ which alsoĀ happens to work perfectly with the all-things-70s moment currently sweeping fashion.

Keen to see more?

Follow the link below for my roundup of all the best lace sandals that you can buy onlineā€¦

1. Miu Miu suede lace-up sandals, Ā£610
2. Chloe suede lace-up wedge sandals, $1445
3. Ancient Greek Sandals ā€˜Filareskiaā€™ lace-up sandals, $586.76
4. Ancient Greek Sandals ā€˜Koriā€™ lace-up sandals, $465.58
5. Schutx ā€˜Erlinaā€™ lace-up sandals, $200

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