The Most Perfect Smock Dress

Tuesday 10th Mar 2015

A little while back I featured the warm, funny, super-stylish founder of adorable children’s clothing label, printebebe.

It was whilst wandering lovingly though Fiona Kowalski’s personal wardrobe that I happened upon a smock dress in the most perfect light-but-not-see-through-cotton.

Now, I’ve long been a fan of the smock but this particular one was all sorts of perfect, from it delicate, washed-out floral print to its generous, deliciously swishy proportions.

Fiona: “Oh, that… yeah, I was toying with the idea of going into production with them… but that one’s just a prototype. I haven’t decided if I’m going to do them or not”

I’m guessing that my pitiful look of dismay upon hearing this must have gone some way to helping her decide because it is with great joy that I can now announce they’re in production and available for all!

Keen to know more?

Follow the link below for all the details…

1. Printebebe ‘The Big Easy’dress in petal pink floral, $149
2. Printebebe ‘The Big Easy’dress in spring blossom, $149
3. Printebebe ‘The Big Easy’dress in midnight vines floral, $149
4. Printebebe ‘The Big Easy’dress in grey tan fields, $149
5. Printebebe ‘The Big Easy’dress in grey floral, $149
6. Printebebe ‘The Big Easy’dress in pink floral, $149

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