The New ‘It’ Bag

Monday 2nd Mar 2015

In the US, they call it a fanny pack.

In Australia, we call it a bum bag.

And it would appear they’ve now also adopted this endearing albeit anatomically confused term in Paris as well.

How did this happen??

I put it down to a little thing I Iike to refer to as ‘The Philo Effect’, referring to the talent and vision of Celine designer, Phoebe Philo and her ability to reinterpret everyday, often mundane and almost always reviled objects in such a way as to give them a whole new, stylish life – think white jeans, Birkenstocks, the checkered grocery-tote print and now
 the bum bag.

They were included in Celine’s Resort 2015 collection (pictured) in such a distractingly stylish,  thoroughly convincing way that we were all left asking (yet again)… “Why have we never thought of that before??”

Are you too feeling a new love for the bum bag?

You can see original Celine bumbag here, or else follow the link below for my round up of some equally handsome leather bum bags that you can buy online

1. Solid Mfg. Co bum bag, $84
2. Alexander Wang Runway bum bag, $662.66
3. Banana Republic convertible bum bag, $98
4. Elizabeth and James ‘Cynnie’ bum bag, $331.93
5. Rag & Bone ‘Aston’ bum bag, $595
6. Everett bum bag, $180

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